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Nai Talim Journey

a journey into the world of rural communities  


 Nai Talim journey is into the world of rural communities. Its intention is not to ‘develop’ them or ‘educate’ them. This 5 days stay in the eco-sensitive village is to regain that which we have lost in the process of development and getting educated. Villages with harmony are the future. As people lose jobs...become disgruntled with the high cost of living...want to live in harmony with nature...want a more social will flourish. Life is changing quickly as the economy, the financial markets, and the governments go through major debacles. If you think the government is going to save you...think again. The government is having a hard time saving itself. Eco-villages are the oldest form of organized community. Our ancient ancestors lived in harmony with nature and with each other in a shared environment. Everyone worked together to benefit the greater whole. No matter how old or young or disabled, each person had worth and a job that matched their abilities in the greater community.