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a journey into the world of rural communities  

(A Sea School)

Journey into the world of fishermen communities !

: Wednesday, January. 15th 2014 to Sunday, Dec. 19th 2014
Ubhadanda Village, Vengurla, Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra, India.

 Host village Ubhadanda is situated in Vengurla Tehsil and located in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. It is one of 83 villages in Vengurla Block along with villages like Navabag and Vagheshwar. Walk on tranquil and pristine beaches talk with fishermen. Observe and interact locals busy in their daily routines with livestock, farming and fishing. Listen to the sounds of a village preparing evening meals feels oddly intimate. Thereís a thrilling dissonance in hearing the familiar sounds of daily life in a wildly unfamiliar setting. Nai Talim @ Ubhadana is to create and share a culturally based knowledge based hub for worldwide natural learners, and other autonomously learning communities and likeminded people. During the British period, the sand on the level across the beach was called Danda. While the geographic formation of Navbaag to Mooth village to this coast was standing-parallel, the local term being Ubha, along with flat sand thus giving the village the name Ubhadanda. The villagers are mostly Bhandari, Gabeet and Christians. The common occupations are Fishing, Coconut cultivation, Mango cultivation and Farming. The village has a 3km long sea shore and most people do fishing. The fishermen worship the village gods Khadanaath and Shri Kepa Devi. Fishermen only begin their fishing after offering coconut to the god Shri Dev Jalbodeshvar. Earlier, there were around 13 Raapan (a traditional community fishing) groups in the village but now the number has reduced to only 4 to 5 such groups. There are about 500 hundred boats, including both motor and hand rowed boats.

There is an old story that, Shri Usabkar a resident of the village and a great devotee of God Viththal, could not go to holy place Pandharpur to take blessing of god Viththal, as he had become very ill and weak. At that time, in the month of Aashaad, the god himself had come to bless him. Thus a lot of people come to visit the Baba Usabkar Viththal Temple on Aashaad Ekadashi with great devotion. Shri Usabkar died 60 years ago, now his decendents, the Rajadhyaksh brothers take care of the temple. There is also another story that states that there was a tigerís cave near the Vaghoba (tiger)Temple on Sagareshvar road. The story goes that villagers had no trouble. But if there were any wrongdoings in the functioning of the temple tiger would be sighted more often than if everything in the temple continued with purity. Thus the village is a very well-known religious spot . Village is also birth place of the famous cricketers Sunil Gavaskar and Vijay Manjhrekar. The land of Nature has inspired too many legendary Artists, Poets and Writersof National and International recognition. Each moment lived here is A Story, A Poem, A Novel, A drama and A Film. The thrust of expression comes to its ultimate destination here; where sky is the limit!!! The scenic beauty gives you constant motivation to write.






Vishven and Bhargav, children of Dhirendra and Smita Soneji grew up on an organic farm in Gujarat. As children they played every morning and evening. Language and social studies were learnt from books published by Eklavya,school books and many other books. Their learning of maths, science and agriculture was totally connected to the activities on the farm where they worked every day during the morning hours. Since their parents had set up a workshop on the farm, they learnt repairs and maintenance f tools and machinery on the farm itself. Trainingin rural appropriate technology was taken at Vigyan Ashram in Pabal near Pune. Today they continue to work on the farm and run a thriving enterprise of farm processed foods and farm appropriate appliance production and services which attract advance booking orders. Click on the following link to read more about Bhargav and his family.

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